Welcome to S-Design
The home of your bespoke, professional, fast-loading, interactive, database-driven web presence.

S-Design was launched in the year 2000 by Simon Dean Parkin.

It started small - creating personal sites for friends, family etc as more of a hobby.
Over time, more people have realised the potential of the internet, and S-Design grew as a result.

After many years working in the Insurance and IT industry, I developed some health problems which prompted a career change.
I decided to teach myself all about the internet, and how to create webpages in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP and MySQL!

You're always learning something new, which for me is part of the fascination... I never get bored!

From my examples, you'll see that I was chosen by local (Derby) individuals, businesses and organisations to build their web presence.

I retain a high percentage of my clients because of my consistently high standards and ability to help a client through the internet maze.