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I don't sell Domain Names or Hosting. These need to be purchased separately, or I can purchase them for you as part of the overall development process for your website.

Domain Name

A Domain Name is the Address or URL people will type into their browser to get to your website.
For example:- www.bmw.com or www.tesco.com.
Ideally, your Domain Name should be easy to remember or 'catchy'.
It's also important to choose something unique. Many of the most popular names will have already been registered, so try to think of at least 5 different variations.

The typical cost of a Domain Name is between £6 & £25 per year (+VAT)


Hosting is where you store your webpage, and makes it possible for others to see your site.
Hosting is essentially space (known as webspace) on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet.
How much webspace you will need, depends on how large your website is.

There are typically 3 types of Hosting...

Shared Hosting. This is where lots of websites are stored on the same computer, and all the websites have to share the computer's resources. If one of the websites is very busy (used a lot), it can negatively affect the performance and speed of all of the other websites. The typical cost is £10 per month, but is usually charged yearly at around £120 (+VAT).

Virtual Private Server. This is like shared hosting in that many websites are stored on the same computer, but each website has it's own dedicated set of resources, so another website being busy shouldn't impact upon the performance or speed of another. The typical cost is £30-60 per month (+VAT).

Dedicated Server. This is where only one website is stored per computer. The computer's resources are 100% available for your website. The typical cost is £300-500 per month (+VAT).