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How Much?
Time = Money!
Creating websites and graphics is a skilled and time consuming process, and as such the charges applied to each service are not for the webpages or graphics themselves, but rather refer to the time, imagination, and technical expertise required to create them.

Prices depend on many variants. Most are charged by the hour and can range between £25-£50 depending on the type of design.

To give you a rough idea, here's a few quick examples...

Existing website requiring a few tweaks = £25 per hour

Basic public website with static content, built from scratch = £200
with logo = £300

Basic public website, logo, and CMS to update content = £1000

A more complex dynamic website and CMS requiring a month or more of my time = £2000+
I don't use pre-built templates to save time... everything I build, design, and code is all by hand, from scratch!

If you would like a free quotation, please contact me with a brief description of your requirements.