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Website - Fenix Lettings Platform
A letting agency wanted their website and CMS redesigned. I designed a modern, fast, database-driven, and intuitive public website and developed a CMS with advanced capabilities including integration with the Google Maps API, the TextMagic SMS API, and automatic data feeds to Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location.
The Fenix Lettings Platform is available to buy or rent for use by any letting agent wishing to update their current web capabilities.

Website - Claire Kenyon Floral Design
Currently in development, this project was designed to showcase the client's floral creations and offer a way for clients to get in touch. I developed a fresh look for the site, based upon their chosen logo, and designed it from the ground up to be fast loading, mobile responsive, and updatable.

Website - Inventories 4 U
A local property inventory service offering inventories, checkouts, and legionella risk assessments wanted a clean-looking and professional website using the colour blue. They also required a logo and branding. I designed a fast, modern public website with dynamic contact form, and a small CMS for document creation and an appointment diary.

Website - Burton's Automotive
Recently completed, this project was designed to replace an existing but more basic website. I developed a fresh new look for the site, based upon their current business cards and leaflets, and designed it from the ground up to be fast loading, mobile responsive, and incorporating Google Maps.

Website - OneTab
Do you have more than one internet connected device? Or maybe you use more than one browser? Are you tired of adding a favourite website to each browser, on each device?
A customised OneTab can prevent this duplication of time & effort. Add a favourite website once, and it's immediately available on all browsers & devices!

Logo Design - PhotoLad
As a professional (paparazzi) photographer, this client requested a modern website to display, and make searchable, his catalogue of work. The brief included the colours to use (black, white, blue & orange). For the logo, I took inspiration from his occupation, and designed a distinctive logo that resembles a camera lens.

Logo Design - Golden Phoenix
This client didn't have a logo, but already used a 'nickname' of Golden Phoenix. A highly visual and animated logo based on that 'theme' was created.
Their site (private) has a gothic style to it, and uses the colours red, gold & black. You can see their Desktop Wallpaper here too, for an insight into the feel of their site.

Print - Business Cards
Graphics for business cards or leaflets/flyers can be created easily, allowing you to create your own printed material by uploading it to a digital printing company such as VistaPrint.

Print - No Limits CD Label & Sleeve
This client required a full project - website + content. The website also needed to be distributed to users without internet access, and so was written to CD-ROM's. Printed labels & jewel case inserts were created, together with an auto-loading CD menu.

Browser Home/Tab Pages - Various
Here you can see a few customised Browser Home/New Tab page examples*.

Wallpapers - Various
Here you can see a few Desktop Wallpaper examples*.

* Examples are not actual size. They have been reduced and compressed for easy viewing!