Welcome to S-Design
The home of your bespoke, professional, fast-loading, interactive, database-driven web presence.

Full Project
A Full Project is when you need the content for a website, aswell as the website itself! You may want a site that lists the companies in your area that provide a certain service or product, for example, but you don't have that information. Commission me to undertake this type of project, and I'll do the research for you & build the information into a custom website.

Website / Homepage
There are lots of reasons why you may want a website! A personal homepage to tell others about you & your hobbies. An information website, making information you've found useful, available to others. Enable customers to browse your products & services from the comfort of their home!

Logo / Graphics
Your logo is a lifetime investment, one that will become your corporate identity as your business expands. Why not get it right? You may need a logo design repair, or a new custom design. A website without graphics can look boring & flat. s-design can bring your creative vision to life - creating all the graphics you need - custom built to compliment your website.

Desktop Wallpapers
We all know how easy it is to add your favourite photo as your desktop wallpaper. But what if you wanted something a little more... designed? What if you already have a logo/brand identity, and would like a wallpaper to match... to display on all your office monitors? If you don't have a logo already and commission me to design one, why not request a wallpaper to match?

Browser Home or New Tab Page
Do you have more than one internet connected device? Or maybe you use more than one browser? Are you tired of adding a favourite website to each browser, on each device?
A customised OneTab can prevent this duplication of time & effort. Add a favourite website once, and it's immediately available on all browsers & devices!

Website Plugins - Coming Soon
If you'd like to add some interactive/dynamic content to your website, but don't have the programming skills... Website Plug-ins are for you! Simply copy a few lines of code from our site and paste them into yours... and you can add Guest Books, Calenders, Blogs, Counters, Forms, Tell-A-Friend... plus lots more. Easy to customise to match your site!